A strong link between gambling and suicide was identified in research. คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ ไทยGambling-related injuries are more likely than the average public to have suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts1.victory996 thai A campaign to better explain gambling as a risk factor in suicide and to what can be done to deter suicides due to gambling was undertaken by Samaritans to address the issue.

Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting Beside Man in Black SuitWith a desire on the part of the gambling industry to do more to discourage gambling and suicide,2 Samaritans set industry guidelines which gambling companies should accept and urge all players. Companies should at least follow the instructions and show contribution to the prevention of suicide.

Suicide is preventable and we know that various sectors need to deal with complex issues in order to provide good suicide prevention activities. Mubeen Bhutta, Head of Policy at the Samaritans, said: A direct link between play and suicide is an important aspect of our efforts to recognise the improvements necessary in the gambling climate for the prevention of suicide. We are proud to publish these recommendations and look forward to a proactive commitment on behalf of all gaming companies to do more to discourage suicide in relation to gambling.


Everybody’s business is suicide prevention. In the broader gaming world, there is also much work to be done to reduce the possibility of damage from gambling, and to ensure that everyone has the resources it wants. Operators upholding our recommendations is a promising step towards strengthening gambling industry suicide prevention and we will continue to promote action to help mitigate gambling harms.

Consultation with a large number of relevant partners including individuals with experiences, other organisations, health care and help and those interested in the gambling industry, the Samaritans established these recommendations.

In order to be in accordance with current industry resources3 the Samaritan industry recommendations concentrate on suicide prevention. It aims at reducing the likelihood of gambling-related damages.

Recommendations include how robust suicide prevention policies are implemented to protect consumers and personnel, how harm prevention can be used to inform marketing communications, how evidence should be used to deter suicide and how sensitive contact should be made to consumer.


Man in Black Suit Jacket Sitting Beside Woman in Black Sleeveless DressThese recommendations are another example of Samaritans’ efforts to encourage suicide prevention excellence for sectors that have such related risks according to the advice of the charity for technology networks and the media sector

Page of investigation.

As part of the scheme, Samaritans are focusing on industrial infrastructure to lower the rate of suicide among gamblers through GamCare, a leading national charity that works to minimise gambling damage. GamCare was also among those interested in the Guidelines of the Samaritans, with their observations and experience. Samaritans are a charity that are the generous contributions of the people and over 20 000 volunteers that still say that we are there to cope with everyone. Find out how you can help us or volunteer examples include the GamCare Safer Gambling Standard and suite of training items faced by industry


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